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The curious scribblings of one who has everything.

Silver bark
20 August 1986
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If you don't love nature I don't love you.
4x4ing, ^_^, a perfect circle, africa., amnesty international, animals, anime, anti-ff8, anti-ssx, asians, astroboy, badtz-maru, barenaked ladies, bears, beefs and bouquets, being an internet, biting my nails, boozahol, braceface, camping, childhood heros, computer faces, conan o'brien, davey havoc, david usher, dawn, death cab for cutie, dog the bounty hunter, dreadlocks, dreamland, ducks, dungeons and dragons snes, e.v.o., earth bound, eating, eddie vedder, evildead, eyeliner, farmsanctuary, ff7, ff9, gamecube, gamer boys, gijoe dubs, glasses on girls, global watch, harvest moon, hating boys, hating tara reid, haxing, hemp, homegrown, human rights, i hate horses, ian's computer, ishmael, japan, japanese, jason's fro, jeff corwin, jem, jerry seinfeld, jim carey movies, junior, katamari damacy, kirby superstar, kyle's dog, life aquatic, lollerskates, lost, luigi, machinae supremacy, make-up, malibu, mario's thanksgiving, matt good, men about town, messy bedrooms, mission trance, molesting computers, monkeyworld, moores, mrs.stewart sucks, mxc, my computer, my gamecube, nature, o_o, old cartoons, pearl jam, perfect dark, phantom planet, piercings, pikmin 2, placebo, playing with my venoms, rainbow bright, reading, redheaded girls, rescue me, roller blading, rootbeer tapper, samurai pizza cats, senior, sex, showering, shy boys, slacking, sleeping, snow, soymilk, soynog, star wars, stfu, sushi, sxe alcoholics, t_t, taco dog, tattoos, the daily show, the holograms, the offspring, the smashing pumpkins, thora birch, totally spies, trees, tron bonne, trucks, vegan chick'n nuggets, vegans and vegetarians, venoms, video games, vodka, weird al, wos, wtf, y_y, zeromancer, zip-lock bags, zoo tycoon